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MOD Personnel & Family - additional employment

MOD Personnel and their families based at Mount Pleasant Complex need to obtain a work permission when undertaking extra work in addition to their deployed role, or if working as a spouse of a deployed personnel, this could be seasonal, temporary or permanent work.

Whilst due to the nature of their presence in the Falkland Islands UK Armed Forces personnel, MOD Civilians, and their spouses are exempt from the provisions of the Falkland Islands Immigration Ordinance 1999, if they wish to carry out additional employment outside of this exemption they are required to notify Customs & Immigration and seek permission for further work by submitting a ‘Form 5b’.  

A ‘Form 5b’ can be obtained from the ‘For Employers’ section of this website. Further information can be obtained by contacting Customs & Immigration via the ‘contact us’ link on this website, or by calling 27340, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Information for Visitors - Battlefield Sites and Safety Whilst Visiting the Falkland Islands

You will be aware that some of those involved in the Falkland Islands war from both sides continue to be sensitive about certain things related to their experiences in 1982 and we therefore ask that you respect the feelings of Falkland Islanders, just as we will respect yours.

Criminal Record Declaration & Checks

Falklands Islands Government and the Customs & Immigration Department have a duty to protect the Falkland Islands, its residents and those living in or travelling to the islands temporarily.

Are Visitors permitted to work whilst in the Islands?

Visitors are not normally permitted to work whilst in the Islands and should certainly not depend on being permitted to work. If the intention is to take employment then this should be made known to Falkland House or the Customs & Immigration Service in Stanley.

How long can I remain in the Islands as a Visitor?           

See menu options - Permits - Visitor Permit

Medical Insurance

It is strongly recommended that everyone who is visiting the Falklands obtains a sufficient level of medical insurance to cover their time on the islands and the transiting stages of travel to and from here.

Contact in the United Kingdom

Travel Co-ordinator, Falkland Islands Government Office

Embarkation Tax

Embarkation Tax is payable by the majority of persons over the age of 2-years on departing the Islands (unless they are an exempted category).

The current charge is £30.00 GBP/FKP.

Immigration Offences

Employment: Under the provisions of the Immigration Ordinance 1999 if a visitor to the Islands takes employment without seeking permission in advance from the Customs & Immigration Service, the person concerned is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding £3,000.

Drugs Warning

The Falkland Islands works to maintain a drugs-free environment

If convicted of a drugs related offence in the Falkland Islands you can expect heavy penalties.