Are Visitors permitted to work whilst in the Islands?

Ordinarily no, in the first instance work permits must be applied for from outside of the Falklands. Visitors cannot apply for work permits from within the Falklands.

However, where it is obvious that there are no permanent residents available to fill a vacancy, the Principal Immigration Officer may authorise a visitor to work under the authority of a “short term work permission”. Current rules only allow a visitor to work in the Islands for a maximum of three months in aggregate in any period of twelve months.

Persons wishing to enter the Falklands for business purposes may do so on a Visitor Permit for a short period, provided they are a company director/representative or consultant contracted before entry into the Falkland Islands. For further information about this you should contact the Customs & Immigration Service.

Immigration Offences

Under the provisions of the Immigration Ordinance 1999 if a visitor to the Islands takes employment without seeking permission in advance from the Customs & Immigration Service, the person concerned is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding £3,000.

Similarly, if a person employs a visitor who is not permitted by or under some provision of the Immigration Ordinance 1999 to take the employment in question the employer is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding £3,000.