Welcome to Customs & Immigration

Customs & Immigration is part of the Falkland Islands Government’s Emergency Services and Islands Security Directorate and deals with the requirements of immigration and emigration to and from the Islands. We work in partnership with the Islands’ stakeholders to ensure strong and secure borders.

Applications for work permits, accompanying dependent permits, dependent permits, volunteer permits, visitor permits and visit visas are dealt with along with applictions for British and BOTC passports for those who qualify.

Decisions on Permanent Residence Permits (PRP) are made by the Principal Immigration Officer – who also holds the position of Director of Emergency Services and Islands Security. Decisions on Falkland Island Status (FIS) are processed by Customs & Immigration but made by the Governor in Executive Council.

Customs & Immigration also control the weekly Saturday LATAM flight - from and to Punta Arenas (once a month southbound via Rio Gallegos in Argentina), and the RAF ‘Airbridge’ flights from RAF Brize Norton (twice weekly) - note: there are restrictions on who is able to use the 'Airbridge' flights. Maritime arrivals include cruise ships during the tourist season (October - April).

Please see the 'News' section of this website for the latest news on matters related to Customs & Immigration.