Permit requirements

The Immigration Ordinance 1999 controls the area of immigration in the Falkland Islands. For the most part anyone not a permanent resident is required to hold a permit to be able to visit, work or live in the Falklands.

The main permit categories are –

Visitor permit

Work permit

Accompanying Dependent permit

Dependent permit

Volunteer permit

Visa requirements

Visitors who are nationals of the countries included in the Falkland Islands ‘visa national list’ will require a visa in addition to a visitor permit. Only a prospective visitor requires a visa as well as a permit. For those visa nationals applying for work permits, accompanying dependent permits, dependent permits, and volunteer permits – a visa does not need to also be applied for. Visas must ordinarily be secured in advance of arrival

The current Falkland Islands visa national list is available on this website under the ‘useful information’ tab -