Work Permits

Work permits must be applied for from outside of the Falkland Islands unless the applicant:

  • Holds or within the preceding three months held a work permit, accompanying dependent permit, or dependent permit.
  • Is lawfully resident in the Falkland Islands by virtue of a permit granted to another person or was previously exempt from holding a permit.

A work permit is ordinarily valid for the length of the individual’s contract and is job and employer specific. The period of validity of a work permit may be extended but must not exceed four years in total.

Basic requirements that need to be met by the applicant are as follows:

  • Satisfactory completion of the application form.
  • Proof of suitable accommodation arrangements in place.
  • Satisfactory criminal record checks.
  • Satisfactory medical examination for new applicants or those existing permit holders who have not had a medical in the last 5 years (Medical & Dental).

Basic requirements that need to be met by the prospective employer are as follows:

  • The employment vacancy to have been advertised sufficiently well in the Falkland Islands (in any case for at least 7 days).
  • To satisfy the Customs & Immigration Service that there are no ‘Falkland Islands Status holders’ or ‘Falkland Islands Permanent Residence Permit holders’ suitable and available to fill such vacancy.
  • Be prepared and to signify sponsorship and responsibility for full repatriation costs of the individual (and any dependants named in the application if agreed).

If a work permit is granted for nine months or less then the applicant must complete a medical Self-declaration form and send this to the King Edward Memorial Hospital for approval, they are also required to be in possession of adequate medical insurance for the duration of the intended stay to cover aero-medical evacuation costs to a minimum value of 200,000 USD equivalent.