Information for Visitors

Battlefield Sites and Safety Whilst Visiting the Falkland Islands

You will be aware that some of those involved in the Falkland Islands war from both sides continue to be sensitive about certain things related to their experiences in 1982 and we therefore ask that you respect the feelings of Falkland Islanders, just as we will respect yours. Visiting battle sites and memorials is a popular activity for tourists and we aim to maintain their appearance for subsequent visitors. We ask you to honour the following guidelines designed to assist you to enjoy and make the most of your visit to the Islands.

  • The Argentine military cemetery at Darwin is maintained by the Argentine Families Commission. Personal plaques or memorials should be of an approved type and should only be left with their prior approval.
  • Please do not disturb or try to remove items from the 1982 battlefields. Whilst steps have been taken to make battle sites safe, some live explosives and deteriorating ammunition and other ordnance is still present and there is a residual risk of personal injury, and even death, if disturbed.
  • Removal of dangerous items such as bullets, some remnants of cannon shells etc. may be a criminal offence and such items cannot be carried on an aircraft. It is a serious criminal offence to attempt to take ammunition or other explosive materials, or dangerous air cargo on board of an aeroplane. Anyone attempting to do so risks being arrested and detained while an investigation takes place. The Falkland Islands Government takes aircraft security very seriously and these offences will be prosecuted. Airline rules also prevent certain other items taken from battlefields being carried on an aircraft and all items of concern will be confiscated at point of departure from the Falkland Islands.
  • Please be aware that the public waving or displaying of Argentine flags or the wearing of Argentine military uniforms anywhere in the Falkland Islands has the potential to cause public concern and distress. Please refrain from doing this to prevent unnecessary upset and inconvenience.
  • Criminal damage caused by writing or painting names, military units or other graffiti, or fixing signs or plaques, at mountain sites or at memorials is likely to lead to prosecution under the laws of the Falkland Islands.

If you choose to drive yourself rather than visiting the sites on an organised tour, please exercise caution and ensure you understand the rules of the road. The road surfaces change and are of variable quality. The wearing of seatbelts and driving within speed limits are not only legal requirements – they are vital to driver and passenger safety.

Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Royal Falkland Islands Police on (+500) 28100 – or on 999 in an emergency.

For further information that may assist with arrangements for tours or accommodation during your visit please contact Falkland Islands Tourist Board Information staff at the Jetty Visitor Centre, Ross Road, Stanley. Tel: (+500) 22281 or visit their website:

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable stay.