Medical Insurance

It is strongly recommended that everyone who is visiting the Falklands obtains a sufficient level of medical insurance to cover their time on the islands and the transiting stages of travel to and from here.

There is a level of reciprocal healthcare arrangement between the Governments of the UK and the Falkland Islands, and consequently residents of the UK who are normally entitled to receive medical treatment under the National Health Service (NHS) will benefit from this. However, this would not include medical repatriation (air ambulance) costs – i.e. the costs of any emergency aeromedical evacuation to South America or another place. Additionally, transiting to and from the Falklands via any third country would not be covered.

Anyone not entitled to medical treatment on the NHS in the UK is required to have full medical insurance to cover their visit to the Islands and transit to and from.

The insurance to cover aero-medical evacuation is recommended at a minimum of USD 200,000 equivalent.