Falkland Islands Government Taxation Office

Leaving the Falkland Islands

If you are planning to leave the Falkland Islands long term, you will be required to notify the tax office of your change of address.

Strictly any individual should not be assessed until after the end of the relevant tax year, however in order to finalise an individual’s FI tax affairs as soon as possible and to avoid any problems for all parties concerned (e.g. retaining income details, obtaining contact details, pursuing/making payments of refunds/liabilities) there are some certain cases where we will accept tax returns and issue assessments before the end of the tax year - you'll need to consider the following 3 questions:

  • Do you intend to return before the end of the tax year?
  • Do you intend to return and be resident in FI in any future tax years?
  • Will you have any income from FI after your departure (e.g. pensions, rent)?

For full information on leaving the Islands and to check if you are eligible to finalise your tax affairs prior to your departure, please see the Leaving FI Guide.

Leaving FI Guide
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