Falkland Islands Government Taxation Office

Annual Employer Returns

In December each year FIGTO send employer packs including annual employer returns for the year. The completed returns are due for submission by 2nd February of the following year.

The annual employer return also contains a return of payments to small businesses and individuals also known as a subcontractor return. 


The annual employer pack for 2023 is here:

2023 EOY Employers Guide
Created: 2024-01-29 | Size: 631.61 KB

2023 EOY Employers Workbook
Created: 2024-01-29 | Size: 768.2 KB


The new employer workbook for 2024 is here:

2024 Employer Workbook
Created: 2024-01-29 | Size: 332.27 KB

2024 Employers Guide
Created: 2024-01-29 | Size: 724.65 KB