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Payment On Account of Tax (POAT) is the deducted from employees through wage deduction.

Previously POAT returns had to be submitted in paper form, however FIGTO recently introduced E-POAT's which enables employers to submit returns electronically, making it easier for both employers to submit on time and FIGTO to process.

Employer Compliance

POAT must be applied by all employers to all remuneration paid to employees or former employees (this includes directors).

As an employer you need to submit a POAT return/E-POAT to FIGTO by the 14th of each month for the previous month (e.g. January return is due by the 14th February).

Failure to submit a completed return on time may result in a penalty for late filing being issued.

How much POAT should you deduct?

Resident full time employees - Employers should normally use one of the tables provided to calculate the POAT deduction needed.  Separate tables have been compiled for employees paid weekly and monthly. 

Non-resident employees - a flat rate  of 21% should be deducted from the gross amount. 

Employer Packs - the employer pack contains all forms required including new employee forms, certificates of tax deducted, monthly POAT return, tax rates sheets and a tax calendar.

Annual Returns - please see the Annual Employer Returns section.

For further information on POAT compliance and submission, please see:

2024 Employer Workbook
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2024 Employers Guide
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Electronic POAT Authorisation Form
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Minimum Wage - for further information on minimum wage please check the MW section.

Remittance - for details on how to pay FIGTO either locally or from overseas:

Remittance advice from overseas
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Remittance advice to FIGTO
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