Falkland Islands Government Taxation Office

Appointing an Agent

Taxpayers may decide to appoint an agent (accountant, lawyer, tax advisor etc) or other appropriate persons to deal with communications with the FIGTO on their behalf.

A taxpayer who decides to appoint an agent is required to complete an 'Authorising Your Agent' mandate and return it to our office. Given taxpayer confidentiality, FIGTO will only be able to start dealing with an agent upon receipt of a completed and signed mandate from the taxpayer.

Taxpayers who choose to appoint agents retain primary responsibility to submit correct and complete returns on time.Whilst it remains the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure the returns submitted are correct and on time, the agent who prepares returns on behalf of a taxpayer is responsible to their client (the taxpayer) for the accuracy of the return based on the information provided.


For the full guide, see Agent Authority

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