Falkland Islands Government Taxation Office

Taxation at MPA & Exempted Employers

Employees (unless qualifying under S57 of the Taxes Ordinance as being in an ‘Exempt Employment’) are taxed based on their residency position for tax purposes.

Employers based at Mount Pleasant may be able to apply to the His Excellency the Governor (via FIGTO) for a Special Exemption to become a Designated Employer. The application is heard at the Standing Finance Committee.

A designated employer can employ exempt employees, to qualify as Exempt the employee must meet the certain criteria as set out in the full Taxation at MPA guide.

When an employer has become a designated employer and they have qualifying employees, then there is a reduction in the requirements to file with the Tax Office and make payment to the Tax Office in relation to those employees.

To view a most recent copy of the Islands Plan for the appplication form, please click here  


For the full guide to Taxation at MPA please click here

Taxation at MPA
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To apply for a Special Exemption as a Designated Employer click here

Application for Special Exemption - Designated Employer
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MPC Presentation
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