Public Works Department

Water Section

The Water section is located in Stanley, just 100 meters south of the power station on Reservoir Hill (behind the swimming pool). The section has been located in its current site since 1989 and, previous to that, water treatment facilities were located at Moody Brook.

The water section comprises seven members of staff; four of whom are responsible for the water treatment side of operations, two are responsible for the distribution system and the seventh is the water section supervisor.

On average 680m3 of water is produced daily for the population of Stanley, businesses and various offshore companies.

Demand for water varies seasonally with the summer months seeing higher usage due to various factors including Falkland Islands Meat Company operations, agriculture usage, cruise ship and other offshore industries.

Water is tested daily at the water treatment plant to insure correct chemical treatment processes are adhered to. Fortnightly bacterial water analysis is undertaken by the KEMH pathology section. Samples are also sent to the UK annually to ensure that World Health Organization standards are being met.

The Water Section is also responsible for water mains installation and signs off permits to dig, copies of which are available under downloads section of this website.

Should you have any queries please contact 27446 or 27447 for more information.