Public Works Department

Waste Management Improvements

The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) and British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI) have been working alongside one another, across areas of mutual interest, for the benefit of people living and working within the Falkland Islands.

One of these programmes of work is a joint project to improve waste management, which will involve the construction of both a new Waste Management Facility and new Landfill site.

Waste Management Facility

The new Waste Management Facility will be located at the east end of Megabid, in the area vacated by the old asphalt plant. The new facility will be used for the processing and subsequent incineration of collected domestic and commercial rubbish, and also for residents to use as a “bring site”. Once waste has been incinerated will be transported to the new landfill site.

Subject to a successful planning application process, construction of the facility is planned to start in mid-August 2021 with construction finishing in July 2022.


A planning application for the new landfill site was submitted in February 2021 and permission was granted. Due to fact that the only waste going to the landfill will be the ash from the Waste Management Facility, together with the anticipated reduction in waste due to the efforts made in recycling, it is expected that the new site will not reach capacity for another 20 years. Works on the landfill site are expected to begin in Summer 2021/22.

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