Public Works Department

Tussac House

Tussac House will provide assisted living for people in the Falklands who require extra assistance. It will have three colour-coded wings named ‘Meadowlark’ (red), ‘Shearwater’ (blue) and ‘Siskin’ (green). Each wing will contain a combination of one and two bedroom flats and connect to a central hub, which will have a variety of facilities which can be used by all residents, staff and visitors.

Tussac House 1     Tussac House 2     Tussac House 3

Ground work for the facility was completed in October 2020 and in March 2021 it was announced that local contractor RSK Falklands Limited had been awarded the contract for the completion of the structural design, the construction of the timber framed building, and installation of all internal services and finishes; the contract is worth £11.675m. It is anticipated that the construction work will be complete by April 2023.