Public Works Department

Pony’s Pass Quarry

Pony’s Pass Quarry is the only operational quarry in the Islands, located five miles southwest of Stanley. Since the 1982 Falklands war, the demand for construction aggregates has increased dramatically, requiring the quarry to produce between 100,000-200,000 tonnes of materials annually across 12 product lines.

The quarry provides materials for not only the government but also local businesses across the Falkland Islands. In particular it underpins the expansion of the Islands infrastructure by supplying products used in road construction and resurfacing, house building and commercial development. It also produces washed aggregates and sands, suitable for concrete production, and all products are tested by the onsite materials laboratory, to ensure they meet the correct specification.

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The Materials Section also drills and blasts for Highways section of PWD at remote burrow pits, supplying them with material for road maintenance. Mobile plant such as excavators, front end loaders, dumpers and forklifts, are hired from the Plant and Vehicle section of PWD.

In 2018, a new Intrame Batch type RM120 Asphalt Plant was commissioned at Pony’s Pass Quarry, replacing the old Parker SRM60 Super Blackmobile plant located around 10 miles away at Megabid, the Falkland Island Government compound. This new asphalt plant has drastically improved asphalt production and quality and is supplying the asphalt for the surfacing of the road between Stanley and MPC.

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