Public Works Department

About Us

PWD has existed in some guise since Governor Moody appointed the first Surveyor General, Murrell Robinson, in 1843 to transform Stanley to the new capital of the Falkland Islands. The period between 1843 and the war in 1982, saw the construction of key amenities such as Dairy Paddock Reservoir, Moody Brook Dam, Dairy Paddock Power station and the enlargement of Stanley.

Since that time, PWD has expanded into a modern, multiskilled team, also responsible for large capital projects including Stanley Airport and Stanley House. Now in the 21st century, PWD plays an integral part in the economic growth and development of the Islands infrastructure and services.

The current PWD Director, Colin Summers manages a budget of £40 million a year and is responsible for eight sections, who jointly construct, preserve and maintain the essential infrastructure within the Falkland Islands.

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