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Power and Electrical Section

Power Station

We have been in existence since September 1929 when the first power station was opened on Ross Road. This power station had a single 10kW generator and supplied power to just the police station, the Town Hall and police cottages. Shortly after, Government House was also added to the ‘town grid’.

In 1951, as the distribution network grew, the Stanley ‘A’ Power Station was opened on the present site. This remained in operation until 1973 when the current Stanley ‘B’ Power Station was commissioned. The power station has eight Allen Diesels engines of various sizes from 320kW to 1.5MW; the youngest of these is 31 years old.

In April 2020, the interim power station came online and consists of three 2MW Cummins high speed sets. These are also located within the Power Station compound and are designed to provide support to our aging generation plant until a new replacement is built.

Sand Bay wind farm

In August 2007, Phase 1 of the Sand Bay wind farm came online. This consisted of three 330kW Enercon E-33 wind turbines. The immense success of this project meant that Phase 2 (a further three E-33 turbines and three flywheel storage systems) was commissioned and began contributing power to the grid in February 2010. On average, just over 30% of Stanley’s power requirement is met by the Sand Bay wind farm.

Three Enercon E-33 turbines make up the Mare Harbour wind farm, which came online in December 2014 and which generates power for Mount Pleasant Complex. The Power and Electrical Section operates and maintains both of these wind farms.

The distribution network now stretches from Stanley Airport to the foothills of Mt Kent, and as far south as Pony’s Pass Quarry and the abattoir. We are responsible for power supplies up to and including the electricity meter, working at voltages up to and including 22,000V.

The Power and Electrical Section have 22 staff, made up of management, stores personnel, five mechanical staff, six electrical staff and seven power station operators who work a shift system to permanently man the control room 24 hours a day. Maintenance of the wind turbines is shared amongst the mechanical and electrical staff.

The power station can be contacted on 27149, or 27444 for out of hours emergencies.

Sand Bay turbine