Public Works Department

Design and Contracts Section

The Design and Contracts Section is an integral part of the Public Works Department. It was formally established in the late 1980s and manages all aspects of the capital works design and implementation program, and also carries out the infrastructure and building maintenance design within the Islands.

The section has a long history of designing major infrastructure projects within the Islands, such as Moody Brook Water Supply, New Haven Port, Agriculture and Fisheries Building, Leading Lights Development and Sappers Hill Development. The Design Section is also responsible for supervision of works during the implementation phase.

One of the vital components of the section is the Survey Office, which manages all aspects of the land surveying, site engineering mapping and cadastral drawing services for the Falkland Islands Government. Its primary role is to carry out land surveys and to collect site engineering data for capital projects for use by PWD and outside consultancies.

A fundamental philosophy of the team is to produce safe, efficient and sustainable designs. The Falkland Islands is a national treasure and the Design and Contracts Section endeavours to ensure that we use our natural resources in a safe and sustainable manner.

Overall, our responsibilities include:

  • Housing development designs
  • Marine infrastructure designs
  • Sewer and water lines and permanent drainage designs
  • Inspection and assessments for government building improvement
  • Feasibility studies for improvement projects
  • Planning application plans
  • Topographical surveys
  • Land and boundary plans for Stanley and Camp
  • Cadastral maps, drawings and information for the public
  • Charts and drawings for Civil Aviation Department
  • Incident site investigation plans for the Royal Falkland Islands Police
  • Upgrading and maintaining as built records of the Islands.