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The Falkland Islands Gazette is the official publication of the Falkland Islands Government.  The Gazette is published monthly and contains essential Government information including civil service appointments, resignations, retirements, transfers, promotions along with statutory appointments and notices.  Subscription to the Falkland Islands Gazette also includes Extraordinary Gazettes (those published on an ad hoc basis in addition to the monthly Gazette) and Gazette Supplements which are published when required and contain all Falkland Islands legislation in the form of Bills (which have yet to be passed through Legislative Assembly), Ordinances as enacted and subsidiary legislation (including regulations, orders, proclamations and resolutions) as made.

The Falkland Islands Gazette is freely available to subscribers in pdf format via email.  To set up (or make changes to) a subscription and for any related queries including how to arrange the publication of statutory notices etc please contact the editor, Barbara Steen, by email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Falkland Islands Gazette was first published in its current style on 1 January 1891, the text of the first notice in that publication is reproduced below:

No. 1. 31st December 1890

In consequence of the destruction of the Government Official Gazette Board on which it has been customary to publish both official and private Notices,

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to authorize the issue of a Government Gazette by authority.

The Falkland Islands Gazette was printed by the Government Printer until 2006 when responsibility for publication was passed to the Attorney General.

To access publications of the Falkland Islands Gazette online please visit the Jane Cameron National Archive website Gazettes, Proclamations & Notices - Archives which contains pdfs dating from 1891 to 2021. 

The website also contains Gazettes, Proclamations and Notices for the period 1846 to 1879.