Government Legal Services Charges from 01 July 2019

(last amended by Finance Ordinance 2019 & Exco Paper 69/19)

Notarial Services Fees: (Notaries Public Rules 1992)

  1. For every Affidavit or Exhibit to an affidavit- £10 for every affidavit and £5 per exhibit
  2. For preparing a Note of Protest or other document (including certification)- £103 hourly rate and charges proportionally* with a minimum fee of £50
  3. Preparing and attesting any Notarial act-

(a) £36 if a notarial act in public form [bearing the public seal and an apostille]

(b) £26 otherwise**

  1. Examining any document from the original and certifying it as a true and correct copy-

(a) If not copied under the supervision of the Notary Public- £26 plus £5 for every page;

(b) If copied under the supervision of the Notary Public- £26 plus 50p for every page

  1. Attending to protest a bill of exchange or promissory note- £103 and proportionately* plus reasonable travel expenses incurred (if applicable with a minimum fee of £50)
  2. Any other notarial act done by a Notary Public- £103

    * For every part of an hour pro rata

    **But not where Fee 2 is charged

 For more information and guidance about getting documents notarised, please see the attached document: 

Getting Documents Notarised- Guidance
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Spanish version here: 

Como Notarizar Documentos- Guia Espanol
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Filipino version here: 

Pagpapanotaryo ng mga dokumento- Pampublikong Gabay
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Shona Version here: 

Ku Notarise Magwaro na Notary Public
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Commissioner for Oaths Fees: (Commissioners for Oaths Rules 1992)

  1. Commissioner for Oaths for every affidavit and exhibit to an affidavit - £10 for every affidavit and £5 for every exhibit.
  2. Commissioner for Oaths for administration of oath or affirmation or declaration and exhibit to a declaration - £10 for every oath/affirmation/declaration and £5 for every exhibit.

Commissioner for Oaths Fees: (British Nationality Ordinance 1949)

  1. Commissioner for Oaths for administration of BOTC oath or affirmation - £5.

Licences to hold land: (Land (Non-residents) (Fees) Regulations 2007)

  1.  Application for Licence to Hold Land basic - £124
  2. Application for Licence to Hold Land other - £258

Falkland Islands Gazette – Annual subscriptions (Non-statutory charge)

(fees approved per Exco Paper 69/19)

  1. Falkland Islands (or by email only worldwide) - £41
  2. Overseas – sea mail - £118
  3. Overseas - air mail - £144

Conveyancing Charges effective 01 July 2019

 (fees approved per Exco Paper 69/19)

Conveyance (simple)      £294.00 
Conveyance (incorporating grants or reservations of rights, or the imposition of covenants)  £438.00
Crown Grant (simple) £294.00
Crown Grant (incorporating extensive covenants, eg. farm) £438.00
Crown Grant preceded by Building Licence £731.00
Assignment of Building Licence £149.00
Miscellaneous Licences or Consents £294.00
Grazing Licences – annual rent up to £200 £72.00
Grazing Licences – annual rent more than £200 £140.00
Crown Lease (simple) £438.00
Crown Lease (commercial) £773.00
Crown Lease preceded by Building Licence £876.00
Mortgage £438.00
Discharge of Mortgage £149.00
Discharge of Mortgage (execution only) £77.00
Easement (across FIG land) £587.00

**Note** complex commercial transactions, involving more than the sale or lease of FIG land – charged at relevant hourly rate (dependent on officer’s grade; £170 (AG), £150 (HLS), £90 (CC), £40 (PL)).