Law and Regulation Directorate


The Attorney General is the Government’s senior law officer with a role enshrined in the Constitution.  The Attorney General leads the Law and Regulation Directorate which comprises four service areas, each with its own head of service reporting directly to him.  Government Legal Services (GLS) forms one of these service areas.

Law and Regulation Directorate Structure

AGs organisational chart 2023

Of these four service areas:-

Government Legal Services:

Government Legal Services:(GLS) Directs and conducts public prosecutions and acts for the Government in all legal proceedings and transactions. GLS also supports the development and delivery of Government initiatives. The service is also supported by an administrative team. As well as providing transactional and general administrative support to lawyers and regulators, the team also arrange notarial services as required.  


The Legislation team supports Government by turning policy into legislation, and arranging the publication of Falkland Islands laws online via the Falkland Islands Statute Law Database as well as editing and publishing the Falkland Islands Gazette. The team is led by the Statute Law Commissioner, who plays a key role in reviewing and updating legislation.  


The Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department (FICAD) provides regulatory oversight of civil aviation activities in the Falkland Islands, including oversight of aerodromes, air traffic services, meteorological service provision, carriage of dangerous goods by air, registration of aircraft, aeronautical information publications, search and resuce provision for aviation and aviation occurrence reporting. The Department also issues Foreign Operator permits to aircraft wishing to visit the Islands, and Aerial Work Permissions to drone operators.  

The Communications Regulator oversees the relationship between Government (acting on behalf of the community at large) and Sure, and has the responsibility for licensing and regulating telecommunications and broadcasting in the Falklands, as set out in the Communications Ordinance 2017 and Sure's licence.  


The Registrar General is based at the Town Hall and deals with the registration of births, marriages and deaths, companies, property transactions and patents. In addition,the Registry provides a vital service in supporting elections – maintaining the electoral roll and running elections and referenda. As such it is key to the operation of the democratic system and to maintaining national and international confidence in electoral practices in the Falkland Islands.