The Government Legal Services Team

The team consists of 15 positions and is structured as follows:

Website Legal Services Team 2024

The primary role of the Legal Services Team is to provide the Falkland Islands Government, and in particular its departments, with timely and effective legal advice and representation. The team also provide advice and representation for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

We work for the Government.  We do not work for or provide advice to individuals – however we can assist individuals who need either Notarial Services or the services of a Commissioner of Oaths.


Our work includes:

Supporting the Governor, the Legislative Assembly Members and all levels of Government when making decisions.

We provide Government and Government Departments with legal advice on matters such as:

-The Constitution and the rights of individuals

-Public Health

-Safeguarding and protecting children and the vulnerable

-Public Services

-Land and Property rights and transactions

-Contracts and Disputes


-Tax and Pensions Law

-Representing the Government in courts and tribunals.


The Prosecution Service is an independent service within the Legal Services Team which is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases and for providing advice on to the Royal Falkland Islands Police and other Government Departments responsible for investigating criminal activity.

Many members of our team are qualified lawyers entitled to practice in other jurisdictions such as England & Wales, Scotland and Commonwealth countries either as Solicitors or Barristers.  In the Falkland Islands we are all recognised legal practitioners.



If you are resident in the Falkland Islands and are interested in:

  • joining our team and working with us; or
  • looking for work experience; or
  • you are considering a career in the law and wonder what’s involved

do please contact us for a conversation.  Where we can we will always look to support residents looking to build their careers or develop new skills.