Notarial and Commissioner for Oaths Services


We can provide notarial and commissioner of oaths services to members of the public. We charge fees for this work. Typically, these services relate to authenticating or certifying documents or in the administering of oaths.

The most common tasks for a Notary Public include:

  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes, or to apply to marry or to work abroad, such as education or professional qualifications or declarations of freedom to marry;
  • Preparing or authenticating documents for use overseas;
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad;
  • Authenticating foreign wills and providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad; and
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions or providing certificates as to the status of a company or the identity of its directors

The most common tasks for a Commissioner of Oaths includes:

  • Administering oaths;
  • Taking affidavits; and
  • Taking declarations

We can also certify copies of documents. See our Notarial Services guidance below. Please also see 'Travelling Overseas with Minors from the Falkland Islands: Notarised Documents' which may be of assistance when seeking authentication of travel documents:

Getting Documents Notarised- Guidance
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Travelling Overseas With Minors- Guidance
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Spanish version: 

Como Notarizar Documentos- Guia publica
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Viajes al extranjero desde las islas falkland con menores de edad-documentos notarizados
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Filipino version: 

Pagpapanotaryo ng mga dokumento-Filipino
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Paglalakbay sa ibang bansa kasama mga menor de edad mula sa FI- mga dokumentong naka-notaryo
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Shona version: 

Ku Notarise Magwaro Na Notary Public
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Travelling with Minors- Document TBC


We charge fees for these services:

 Notarial Services Fees: (Notaries Public Rules 1992)

For every Affidavit or Exhibit to an affidavit

£10 for every affidavit and £5 per exhibit

For preparing a Note of Protest or other document (including certification)

£103 hourly rate and charges proportionally* with a minimum fee of £50

Preparing and attesting any Notarial act-

(a)   if a notarial act in public form [bearing the public seal and an apostille]


Examining any document from the original and certifying it as a true and correct copy-

(a)  if not copied under the supervision of the Notary Public- 

(b)   If copied under the supervision of the Notary Public-


£26 plus £5 for every page

£26 plus 50p for every page

Attending to protest a bill of exchange or promissory note- 

£103 and proportionately* plus reasonable travel expenses incurred (if applicable with a minimum fee of £50)

Any other notarial act done by a Notary Public- 


For every part of an hour pro rata


 Commissioner for Oaths Fees: (Commissioners for Oaths Rules 1992)

Commissioner for Oaths for every affidavit and exhibit to an affidavit -

£10 for every affidavit and £5 per exhibit

Commissioner for Oaths for administration of oath or affirmation or declaration and exhibit to a declaration

£10 for every oath/affirmation/declaration and £5 for every exhibit


Commissioner for Oaths Fees: (British Nationality Ordinance 1949)

Commissioner for Oaths for administration of BOTC oath or affirmation



If you would like to use our services please contact us 28460 on to make an appointment.


Useful information

Please note that when providing these services, we do not provide- and the law prevents us from- providing legal advice about the documents being presented.

A Notary Public is required to keep an original of all documents presented for authentication.



Notaries Public Rules 1992
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Commissioner of Oaths Ordinance 1969
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Commissioner of Oath Rules 1992
Created: Friday, 02 December 2022 11:38 | Size: 40.22 KB | Downloads: 183