Invitation to apply for ITQ B

Following the commencement of the amended Fisheries (Conservation & Management) Ordinance 2005 in September 2021, we are delighted to invite eligible companies to apply for ITQB. Whilst the full amended ordinance and associated regulations can be found at Falkland Islands Legislation you can find the relevant application forms and guidance notes below.


The application process is open from 15th October 2021 until 30st June 2022.

 Applications should be submitted to the Director of Natural Resources, Directorate of Natural Resources, By-pass Road, Stanley (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) no later than 1630 on 30st June 2022.

 ITQB will be operational on 1st January 2023


Charter Party Agreements Guidance

Eligible Co Specific Action Plan Template

Intermediate ITQ Cos Guidance

ITQ B Action Plans Guidance

ITQ B Applications Guidance

ITQ B Eligibility Application Form

ITQ B Grant Application Form