Falkland Islands Fisheries Department

Hoki (whip-tail hake) - WHI

Common Names

Whip-tail Hake, Hoki (UK), Merluza de cola, Rabo largo (SP), Dekora (JA)

Scientific Name

Macruronus magellanicus


Body elongate and strongly depressed, caudal tapering to a point. Mouth large and oblique; end of upper jaw reaching level with midpoint of eye; about 10 conical teeth on upper jaw, 7-9 on lower jaw. Small teeth present on vomer. Tip of lower jaw protruding anterior to tip of upper jaw. Gill rakers slender, their length about half of eye diameter. Two dorsal fins, separated by a narrow gap; origin of 1st dorsal situated anterior to origin of pectoral fin; origin of 2nd dorsal considerably forward of anal fin origin; bases of 2nd dorsal and anal fins long, both fins continuing to caudal fin. Tip of pectoral fin pointed; pelvic fin situated below origin of pectoral fin. Lateral line almost straight along midline of body. Scales loose, thin, and fairly large. Body colouration metallic purplish-blue dorsally, silvery with a slight bluish tinge ventrally. Inside of mouth black.

Size Range

15 to 45 cm (pre-anal length).

Depth Range

30 to 500 m.


Occurs abundantly in the North and West of the FICZ, and in smaller numbers elsewhere.

Fishery Status

Main fishery is during the second half of the low season, with catches mainly by the Spanish and Japanese finfish trawlers.

Additional Information

Flesh is of poor quality, being soft and watery.