Falkland Islands Fisheries Department

Kingclip - KIN

Common Names

Kingclip, Cuskeel (UK), Rosada (SP), Mietus Krolewski (PD), Kingu (JA)

Scientific Name

Genypterus blacodes


Body extremely elongate and compressed posteriorly. Head depressed and rather large, about 22% of standard length. Snout blunt, eye small, with fleshy orbit. Mouth evenly curved and large, reaching to the posterior margin of eye. Upper jaw slightly anterior to lower jaw. One strong row of conical teeth distally placed on both jaws; villiform inner tooth bands in both jaws. Several strong conical teeth set on vomer and in a row on palatines. Interorbital region flat and wide. Gill rakers short, with minute serrations; pseudobranchiae present. A strong opercular spine half embedded in skin of opercle. Nostrils well separated from each other; anterior nostril small and round, without a flap. Pectoral fin round and short. Pelvic fin situated in the region of the throat, well anterior of opercle and pectoral fin origin, with two elongate thread-like rays; larger ray about as long as lower jaw length Dorsal fin originating above middle of pectoral fin. Anal fin originating slightly anterior to midbody. Fine cycloid scales on body and posterior part of head. Lateral line parallel and situated close to dorsal profile. Body pinkish-yellow with irregular reddishbrown blotches dorsally, covered with a slimy coating.

Size Range

From 30 to 150 cm.

Depth Range

Generally greater than 150 m.


Found throughout the FICZ.

Fishery Status

Taken as by-catch, bottom trawled in Loligo and finfish fisheries.

Additional Information

External parasitic copepod Sphyrion laevigatum found on most specimens. Harmless but unsightly. Extremely good eating. Similar species caught off South Africa and South America.