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Retail Price Index


The Retail Price Index (RPI) is is a cost of goods index, which measures the changes in the price of a fixed basket of goods of constant quality. Primarily RPI has national coverage - which means that the index covers the non‐business expenditure (and prices) relating to the resident population of the country. The results of the RPI are used to adjust tax and benefit rates, and salaries.

It is based on a basket of 175 goods that is meant to represent the consumption patterns of goods and services of the Stanley population. However, it does not take into account any changes in consumption patterns that may arise from changes in prices.

The data collection and calculation of the RPI is undertaken every quarter, and the index measures the cost of the basket relative to the base period.

The results are published in the Falkland Islands Gazette, following approval at Standing Finance Committee. Download the file below for the latest calculation. The file also includes historical data.


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