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Stanley Common is an area of public land surrounding the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley. As with most areas of common land, it was set aside for the benefit of the community and to meet its needs. In recent years the use of Stanley Common has shifted from predominantly grazing opportunities for people in town to predominantly being used for recreational opportunities.It is also designated as a National Nature Reserve to protect the natural environment.

Stanley Common Leaflet
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The Stanley Common Management Plan provides a policy document to support the pro-active management of Stanley Common, with both the community and natural environment in mind. The aim is to clearly identify management actions that embrace a vision for the future of Stanley Common for future generations.

A Management Plan for Stanley Common 2019-2024
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To protect our wildlife and for reasons of public safety, driving is not allowed on the beaches of Yorke, Rookery and Surf Bays.

Beach Driving Restrictions - Stanley Common
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As part of the management of the Common, the Environment Department contracts out the management of invasive weeds on an ongoing basis. Reports on spraying and management of the weeds from the past three years (2020, 2021 and 2022) are below.

Stanley Common Weeds Report 2021-2022
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Stanley Common Weeds Report 2020-2021
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Stanley Common Weeds Report March - May 2020
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There are other ways that the public can also help to care for the wildlife and natural environment of the Common, respecting our National Nature Reserve. While out enjoying the Common, please follow the guidance, including the Countryside Code, on our guidance webpage:


Additional Useful Documents:

Beach Driving Restrictions - Rookery Bay
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Beach Driving Restrictions - Surf Bay
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Beach Driving Restrictions - Yorke Bay
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Beach Driving Restrictions - View on smart phone
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Restricted Beach Areas
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For more information, please contact the Environment Department on:

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For questions related to horse grazing please contact the Agriculture Department on 27355.