Directorate of Policy, Economy & Corporate Services

Environment Department

The FIG Environment Department, within the Directorate of Policy, Economic & Corporate Services, was created in October 2020 to strengthen FIG’s environmental function, increasing capacity for evaluating, regulating, managing, monitoring and responding to possible environmental effects and risks. We’re a small department, but we aim to play an important role.

Genti Cena, Mt. William

The Environment Department works on areas related to environmental policy, regulation, enforcement and monitoring across terrestrial and marine activities, and will co-ordinate future research, climate change response initiatives and habitat preservation/restoration within FIG. We have a centralising role with respect to environment, working closely with other directorates across FIG to help facilitate cross-departmental work on topics related to the natural environment, including biodiversity, climate change, science and innovation, waste and pollution, and energy.

Now that the Environment Strategy is published and the Island Plan has a large Environmental Focus there are many different work streams that the Environment department is working on including such areas as:

  • Climate Change its effects and mitigation and adaptation measures,
  • The land restoration programme, both on Stanley Common and other FIG owned land,
  • Managing National Nature Reserves,
  • The minefield fence removal project,
  • Waste and pollution control,
  • Environmental Studies Budget grant scheme.

As well as all day to day operational and administrative tasks such as:

  • Research permit applications,
  • Visitor access and permits to Kidney Island,
  • Restricted activity permits,
  • Stanley Common management.

For more information, please contact the Environment Department on:

Phone: + 500 28449

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.