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Kidney Island


Kidney Island is a Crown-owned island managed by the Falkland Islands Government Environment Department. The island boasts spectacular wildlife, including rockhopper penguins, sea lions and sooty shearwaters and is a popular island for visits. If you wish to visit the island you will need to be in possession of a valid visitor permit issued through the FIG Environment Department. Please refer to the guidance document below for more details.

To protect the natural environment on Kidney Island, only 14 people are allowed on the island at a time. There can be a morning trip and an afternoon/evening trip on one day. You can view availability on the booking platform (link provided below). Please note that the 09:00 slot is for a morning trip and the 16:00 slot is for an afternoon/evening trip; the time of your trip does not need to correspond exactly with one of these times, but needs to be either a morning or afternoon/evening trip. Before proceeding with your booking, please read through the permit conditions (provided below), which you will need to agree to when completing your booking.

Note: In order to book, you will need to provide the name of your guide. The guide is required to have been to Kidney Island at least once before.

To check availability and make a booking, follow this link to the Kidney Island booking platform:

You are required to use a footbath filled with biocide (Virkon) before landing on Kidney Island. This is to prevent harmful pathogens being passed on to wildlife. Once you have completed your booking online, you will receive a confirmation email with details regarding collection of the footbath and Virkon.

Please ensure your group and guide familiarise themselves with the Countryside Code and Kidney Island Guide leaflets prior to your visit.

As a way of us monitoring the state of the environment on the island, we request that after your trip you complete an online Post Visitor feedback form. You will receive an email with a link to complete this after your trip. Refer to the version of the Post Visitor feedback form below to familiarise yourself with the notes on wildlife and environment we would like you to report on your return.


Information and Forms:

Kidney Island Visitor Permit Guidance
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Kidney Island Permit Conditions
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Countryside Code
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Kidney Island Guide Leaflet
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For more information, please contact the Environment Department on:

Phone: + 500 28449

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