How we buy goods and services

FIG is a significant purchaser of services and supplies on the Falkland Islands in its own right and additionally carries out some joint purchasing with the MOD.

Procurement rules are set out in the FIG Financial Instructions which govern how we carry this out and how we manage relationships with our suppliers.

Our suppliers

FIG has a range of suppliers that we use to provide goods and services to the government.  When purchasing items we now don’t necessarily choose the cheapest but we also look at:

  • Track Record
  • Quality of Proposals
  • Resources available to deliver the Service (where appropriate)
  • Local Market

Our procedure

Total Contract Value


Up to £5,000

One written quote

£5,000 to £50,000

Three written quotes

Purchases above £10,000 must be advertised in:

·        Penguin News

·        FI Radio

·        SAROS

Over £50,000

The full tender process with advertisement as above


FIG 'Supporting Local' Policy Statement:

FIG Policy Statement: Supporting Local
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