Our Contracts

Register of Government Contracts

Awarded Government contracts are viewable on our eProcurement System ProContract.

You can access this through the following link:

FIG Contract Register

Details of existing and recently awarded contracts will be stored here including the contract price.

Once contracts expire they will no longer be visible.

Tender Opportunities

To look for tender opportunities check out this link:

FIG Tender Opportunities

Where possible we will aim to put tender adverts out as soon as possible to provide you an opportunity to plan.  If the opportunity is advertised early you can view it but not express an interest until the opening date.

 Facebook Group

We have also developed a Facebook Group which will list all the latest procurement opportunities, please follow the direct link to go to FIG Procurement Services Facebook Group

eProcurement System – “Pro-Contract”


To streamline the procurement process and provide a more secure method of providing tenders and quotations, FIG has invested in an eProcurement System – “Pro-Contract” from the company Proactis.

Companies wishing to do business with the Falkland Islands Government will need to register on the system to be able to access procurement opportunities.  Click here to register https://procontract.due-north.com/Login

Adverts will be published live on the system and available through this link:  Falkland Islands Government - Live Tender Opportunities.

Anyone can review adverts but you have to register and express and interest to download documents and submit a bid.

The following are useful guides for companies wishing to register on the system and to navigate the different screens and activities and if you need any further help please contact the DCS Procurement Team on 27045.


Please see links to the following supplier guidance documents:    

Supplier Guide 1 - Registering on Pro-Contract
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Supplier Guide 2 - Finding Tender Opportunities
Created: Wednesday, 16 February 2022 08:46 | Size: 171.4 KB

Supplier Guide 3 - Responding to Tender Opportunities
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Supplier Guide 4 - Online Questionnaires
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Supplier Guide 5 - Setting up new Contacts and Workgroups
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Please see links below to FAQ support documents. These visually break down the steps, so are helpful supports when registering or submitting a tender response:

Proactis Supplier FAQ- How to Register
Created: Friday, 26 August 2022 15:25 | Size: 1.65 MB

Proactis Supplier FAQ- Passwords
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Proactis Supplier FAQ- Setting up a Workgroup
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Proactis Supplier FAQ- Finding Tender Opportunities
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Proactis Supplier FAQ- Submitting a Response
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Proactis Supplier FAQ- Tender Submission Checklist
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"Procurement" is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process.  This process spans the whole life cycle from initial concept and definition of business needs through to the end of the useful life of an asset or end of a services contract.

Good procurement is important to meet business needs whilst ensuring projects are delivered within agreed cost, quality and schedule parameters and with a transparent audit trail.

In all its procurement activities the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) aims to uphold the core principles of openness; equality; non-discrimination; and transparency.

The Falkland Islands Government spends a significant part of its annual budget on externally purchased goods, services and works, ranging from stationery, furnishings, plant & vehicles, maintenance contracts; to more specialised service provision, for example, management consultancy; and finally to large capital projects such as roads and other important infrastructure.

The provision of these goods and services play a vital part in supporting FIG to meet its business objectives. It is important that we obtain best value for money from these purchases.

Our procurement should:

  • Be based on genuine and fair competition
  • Withstand scrutiny by internal and external auditors and examiners
  • Encourage an innovative market response
  • Deliver a solution that meets our requirement
  • Protect FIG through suitable contracting approach and standard terms and conditions

All FIG tendering activity is governed by the FIG Financial Instructions and any tenders estimated to be over £50,000 in value are handled through the central procurement office in the Development and Commercial Services Directorate.

How we buy goods and services

FIG is a significant purchaser of services and supplies on the Falkland Islands in its own right and additionally carries out some joint purchasing with the MOD.

Procurement rules are set out in the FIG Financial Instructions which govern how we carry this out and how we manage relationships with our suppliers.

Our suppliers

FIG has a range of suppliers that we use to provide goods and services to the government.  When purchasing items we now don’t necessarily choose the cheapest but we also look at:

  • Track Record
  • Quality of Proposals
  • Resources available to deliver the Service (where appropriate)
  • Local Market

Our procedure

Total Contract Value


Up to £5,000

One written quote

£5,000 to £50,000

Three written quotes

Purchases above £10,000 must be advertised in:

·        Penguin News

·        FI Radio

·        SAROS

Over £50,000

The full tender process with advertisement as above


FIG 'Supporting Local' Policy Statement:

FIG Policy Statement: Supporting Local
Created: Monday, 18 July 2022 15:08 | Size: 213.56 KB


Our Procurement Process

FIG officers follow set processes to undertake procurement for goods and services.

For lower value purchases (up to £50,000) quotes are sought from bidders.  A quotation process may use a template with instructions that require some detailed responses or may simply be a request for a price for the provision of item/s or service/s.

Over £50,000 a formal tender process is followed.  This will include an Invitation to Tender document (ITT) that provides instructions and guidance to bidders. This will also explain how the tender will be evaluated – ie. whether FIG is looking for the lowest price, or more usually, how quality will be considered along with the price. A specification of what we require will be included in the pack if needed.

The documentation pack may also include:

Quality Evaluation Questions

These allow you to explain how your company is suitable to provide the goods or services to the Government.  The questions will be weighted based on which are more important than others.

Pricing Schedule

This is where you put your price for the goods or services.  It may be a Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet.  Excel is used for the more complicated pricing and will do most of the calculations for your

Drawings, diagrams, maps, or specific requirements

These are commonly used for construction or engineering contracts.


The ITT documentation pack will then be uploaded on to the E-Procurement System Proactis, where suppliers can view the tender advertisement, and 'express an interest' in the tender. By opting to do this, suppliers will be able to view and download the documents. As part of the submission process, quality questions (if required) and pricing schedules can then be filled out and uploaded back on to Proactis.