General Publications

The Department of Agriculture publishes a number of publications and reports throughout the year, these can be viewed below.

Agricultural Booklet

This DoA booklet provides an overall look at Agriculture in the Falklands.

2019 Agricultural Leaflet
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National Contingency Plan For Emergency Animal Disease

This is the final version of the National Contingency Plan For Emergency Animal Disease outbreak. It was passed by LegCo in January 2023.

National Contingency Plan for Emergency Animal Disease 2023
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Farm File Notes

Leaflets focussing on a variety of farming issues.

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Farm Biosecurity Leaflet
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Frequently Asked Questions About Avian Influenza

FAQs About Avian Influenza
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Farm Management Handbook

The FMH is produced and circulated by the Department of Agriculture as a free reference point for the farming community, providing information on animal welfare, DoA trials etc.

Farm Management Handbook - General [2017]
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Farm Management Handbook - Legal [2017]
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Farm Management Handbook - Agronomy
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Farm Management Handbook - Veterinary [2017]
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Farm Management Handbook - Livestock & Wool
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Farm Management Handbook - Finance
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Farm Management Handbook - Farm Improvement Programme
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Farming Statistics

The Farming Statistics are prepared from information  furnished in accordance with the Agricultural Returns Ordinance.

Farmers complete annual Agricultural returns detailing stock numbers and movements, settlement populations and amount of land farmed in the Islands.

Farming statistics publications

Wool Press

Bimonthly the Department of Agriculture prepares a publication filled with information on departmental activities, farming related information articles and often views and practices from farmers themselves are shared with the general community.

Please note that we will try to upload new editions of the Wool Press as soon as possible, but if you would like to read it sooner then please contact us for subscription details. Old copies are also available on request.

Wool Press publications

Soil Map webGIS

The SAERI-led Darwin Plus 083 project “Soil map and online database as climate change mitigation tools” (2018-2020) produced a variety of maps on physical and chemical soil properties as well as peat and erosion extent and erosion risk. To view the maps please follow this link: