Our People. Local life, traditions and services on the Islands.

Our People

Proud, resourceful and self sufficient, the Falkland Islanders are a people who have lived in their home for nearly 200 years.

Our growing community of 2563 people is diverse; with people from over 60 nations living in the Islands we are a truly cosmopolitan society. The heart of our community lies in the families who can trace their heritage back through 9 generations in the Islands, who have subsequently been joined over the course of nearly 200 years by those who have chosen to make the Falkland Islands their home. Predominantly of British descent, the Islands population also includes large Chilean and St Helenian communities.

Through our own efforts, our economy allows us to enjoy excellent health services and education provision, with Falkland Islanders studying for their A-levels and degrees overseas, paid for by the Falkland Islands Government. It is testament to the strong bond our young people have with their home that nearly all return on completion of their studies.

Our capital, Stanley, is home to 2115 people, with 194 across East Falkland, 477 at Mount Pleasant, 127 on West Falkland and 42 spread through the numerous outer islands that form our home. We are incredibly well connected, with a road network linking our remote communities, along with an internal air service and inter-island ferry.

Externally, we are equally well connected. Our international port and airport welcome people, trade and business from all over the world. We have broadband internet access provided via satellite, which even our remote farms enjoy.

On our farms, the use of wind turbines allows for 24-hour power, whilst for Stanley, 6 large wind turbines provide over 40% of our electricity.

Whilst one of the smallest Capitals in the world, Stanley provides a variety of supermarkets and gift shops, excellent restaurants and hotels, and a leisure facilities such as a swimming pool, gym and golf course.

The Falkland Islanders are a peaceful, hard-working and resilient people. Our society is thriving and forward-looking. All we ask is to be left in peace to choose our own future, and responsibly develop our home for our children and generations to come. We would ask that our rights, our points of view and above all our wishes are respected and considered by all.

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