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Our Home

The Falkland Islands have been our home for nearly 200 years. 9 generations of Falkland Islanders have been born and raised in our beautiful and remote Islands.

The Falkland Islands derive their name from Falkland Sound, the name given to the waterway between the two main islands by Captain John Strong, who, in his ship Welfare, spent several days in the Islands in 1690. Falkland Sound was itself named after Viscount Falkland, one of the owners of Welfare.  The Falkland Islands are an archipelago consisting of two main Islands (East and West Falkland) and 778 smaller islands, with a total land area of approximately 4,700 sq. m. (12,173 sq. km), roughly the size of Connecticut in the USA or just over half the size of Wales in the UK.

Our Capital, Stanley, is home to over three quarters of our population. Everything outside of Stanley is known locally as “Camp”, and is home to numerous farms and settlements spread across the archipelago.


Sustainable development, conservation and the protection of the environment for future generations are central considerations to future development of the Falkland Islands, and this commitment is laid...


There is a fascinating and abundant range of wildlife and plant life in the Falkland Islands, found in the many areas of unspoiled, natural landscape. The deep waters of the South Atlantic are rich in...


Safeguarding heritage for future generations is another concern. The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust is committed to protecting and preserving the unique heritage of the Islands and works...


The Falkland Islands are situated in the South Atlantic, some 400 miles (483 km) from the South American mainland and 850 miles (1,365 km) north of the Antarctic Circle. They are located between Latit...

Our Islands

Our Islands are our home, and as such we value and protect them. Geologically the Falklands were once a part of East Africa, and as such we have some interesting and unusual landscape features such as...

Renewable Energy

The Falkland Islands' location necessarily means that imported fossil fuels are expensive to use, so the Falkland Islands Government is taking advantage of the one source of energy that is cheap, gree...

Scientific Research

The Falkland Islands Government welcomes environmental and scientific research of Falklands wildlife, habitats and landscapes. Environmental legislation in the Falkland Islands provides for the pro...

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With incredible wildlife, stunning scenery, a rich heritage and the famous warm Falklands welcome, our Islands have something to offer everyone.     *******************

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