17 November 2020

Update on Covid-19 swabbing in the Falkland Islands

Following the two recent positive swab test results for Covid-19, the Falkland Islands Government has committed to producing a regular, weekly update on overall surveillance swabbing test results.

The intention is to publish this information each Tuesday as a matter of routine, however in the event of a Public or Government Holiday or an unforeseen circumstance, then results may be published on a subsequent day.

As of today, Tuesday 17 November, the results are as follows:

  • Total number of swab tests taken and processed to date: 3,977
  • Total number of swabs taken but not yet tested: 130
  • Total number of positive test results since 3 April 2020: 16
  • Number of current positive test results within the Islands: 3 - two of which are Stanley residents

This represents an increase of one further positive test result since the last update was provided. The three current positive test results have arisen as a result of surveillance swabbing during quarantine. All three individuals have remained in quarantine since their arrival into the Islands and will not be able to leave quarantine until they have fulfilled their 14 days in isolation and have also tested negative for Covid-19 twice.