Falkland Islands Government
COVID-19: Information and Guidance

07 January 2021

New FIMCo Supplier Support Scheme

Earlier today the Executive Council approved a new FIMCo (Falkland Islands Meat Company) Supplier Support Scheme for a modified export season. The modified season assumes that all lamb, yearling, beef and circa 22,000 mutton will be processed in 2021, supported by eight additional staff who will be employed locally.

FIMCo will work closely with suppliers to ensure an equitable supply plan is put into place which takes into account the logistical challenges across the Islands and ensures fairness of supply against original plans.

The FIG scheme will compensate farmers for mutton scheduled for supply to FIMCo that cannot be processed. Mutton not able to processed by FIMCo will be supported at the rate of £10 per head. No payment will be made for cull sheep.

Payments will be administered by the Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC) who will work with FIMCo to ensure that payments can be swiftly processed.

The Department of Agriculture will continue to support suppliers as they work through their farm plans to accommodate the modified export season plan.

The scheme represents another initiative that the Falkland Islands Government has put in place in order to support the agricultural sector in the short to medium term, as the worldwide pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the global economy.