Falkland Islands Government
COVID-19: Information and Guidance

Southbound Travel:  UK - Falkland Islands

Passengers arriving to the Falkland Islands no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test, and there is no longer a requirement to wear a facemask onboard the South Atlantic Airbridge.

All Falkland Island passengers, will be able to travel to Mount Pleasant Airport (MPA) in individual vehicles and park in the long stay car park. Vehicles will need a temporary vehicle pass which is valid for the length of the stay. Vehicle passes will be issued on production of the persons passport against the flight manifest.

On Wednesday 29 June the KEMH announced that as COVID-19 infection rates continued to be low, following the initial spike in cases seen in May 2022, COVID-19 would now be considered endemic in the Falkland Islands.

COVID-19 is being viewed in the same manner as other viral illnesses and there will be times where we may see spikes in cases as new variants come along.

Passengers should be aware that If the aircraft has to divert to a country, which has differing requirements to the Falkland Islands or the UK, there may be a requirement for all passengers to conduct a COVID-19 test on arrival (even if they are fully vaccinated).