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 The Registry office based in Stanley, Falkland Islands is the Registry for Births for the Falklands Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The Registration Ordinance sets out the legislation that governs the registration of births in the Falkland Islands.

In this legislation, it says that in the case of every child born in the Falkland Islands, the mother or father shall give to the Registrar General the child's details within 10 days of the birth. This allows the birth to be registered, the parent must also sign the birth register.

This means that within 10 days after the birth of your child, you have a legal obligation to register it.

The hospital will inform the Registry when a baby has been born but the parents have the responsibility to contact the registry in order to book an appointment with the registrar to register the birth. The registry staff will always try to be as accommodating and flexible as possible.

In the case where the parents are married, the father can come alone to register the birth.

In the case where the parents are not married, the mother must register the birth, but the father must also be present.

The Registration Process:

To register a birth, please complete and submit the form below. When the form is submitted, the registrar will be in contact to confirm a date to sign the Birth Registration at the Registry Office. Once the birth registration is completed, five birth certificates will be issued, along with some guidance forms for the Passport Application Forms, Admission to School, Application to register on Travel Credit Scheme and the Family Allowance Claim Form.

The fee is £10.50 for the birth registration.

Please use the following details to make your payment:

F I Government - 002003344000 - Reference: Registry 04520131

The Falkland Islands Government are now able to facilitate overseas payments being made into their account held with Lloyds Bank, City Office Branch.

Please ensure to use the reference Registry 04520131, so payments can be allocated correctly.

Please use the following details to make your payment:

Account Name:


Account Number:


Sort Code:





GB39 LOYD 3080 1215 7523 68

Bank Address

PO Box 1000



If you have any queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (+500) 27271

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