Department of Mineral Resources

The Department of Mineral Resources will shortly be accepting applications for licences to prospect or explore for onshore minerals (excluding "common minerals") in the Falkland Islands, as notified in Gazette No 11 dated 31 July 2022 and in accordance with the Regulations published in the Falkland Islands Gazette Supplement No 13 dated 31 July 2022.

Applications for a licence can be submitted between the 15th August and 12th October 2022 inclusive.

The following documents are available to download:

Application form - prospecting and exploration
Created: 2022-08-04 | Size: 2.13 MB

Onshore minerals licensing guidance
Created: 2022-08-04 | Size: 721.46 KB

Prospecting - Guidance on model conditions
Created: 2022-08-04 | Size: 151.74 KB

Exploration - Guidance on model conditions
Created: 2022-08-04 | Size: 156.95 KB

Onshore Minerals Data Release
Created: 2022-08-08 | Size: 105.33 KB