Maritime Authority

Port Entry & Exit Reporting 


The Falkland Islands have a reporting system for vessels entering and exiting the Port William, Stanley Port and Berkley Sound area which is monitored 24 hours from the Duty Control Room. Vessels must report on entry and exit over the line and are required to give at least 24 hours notice prior to arrival via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The reporting point is a straight line between 51° 31'S 57° 44'W, Volunteer Point and 51° 41'S 57° 43'W, Cape Pembroke. Reports should be made via VHF CH 10 to Stanley Port Control.

Vessels are also requested to report when anchored giving their anchor drop position, or when are fully secured alongside their intended berth. This is also requested when heaving anchor and when slipping the lines for departure in order to monitor traffic movements within the harbour.

Information to be transmitted when crossing the line is as follows:


i.  Ship's name  
ii. Radio call sign
iii. Type of vessel (eg Trawler, Jigger, Reefer etc)
iv. Number of crew and passengers on board
v. Ship's agent 
vi. Date of entry
vii. Local time of entry (time crossing the reporting line)
viii. Last port of call
 ix.  Intentions (eg. Transhipment/Bunkering/Medical/repairs/Crew Change/Inspection etc)
 x.  Location of above intentions (Stanley Harbour/FIPASS/PortWilliam/Berkeley Sound etc)
 xi.  Fuel type and amount carried on board (Tankers must report cargo and bunkers seperately)


i.  Ship's name
ii.  Radio call sign
iii. Type of vessel
iv. Number of crew and passengers on board
v.  Date of exit
vi. Local time of exit
vii. Intentions (eg fishing in FICZ, leaving zone, steaming to a port etc)
viii. Depart from (eg FIPASS, Port William etc)