No 03/2018

East Falkland

Stanley Harbour / FIPASS

Closure of the North West Barge to Berthing

  1. The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) has made the decision to close the FIPASS North West Barge to berthing operations on the grounds of safety, due to the deterioration of the structure, particularly the deck edge and north facing plating. The barge remains useable for accessing the Wool Warehouse and the Cold Store.
  2. The bollards on the west berth remain suitable for ships lines except for number 22.
  3. The FIPASS Duty Operations manager will decide the actual berthing position on the centre and east berths based on the prevailing circumstances and conditions.
  4. The following parameters will be followed when allocating use of FIPASS:
    • The maximum combined LOA of vessels alongside FIPASS shall not exceed 220m.
    • Distance between berthed vessels shall, so far as practicable, be 10m.
    • In the case of vessels overhanging onto the west berth then they must berth port side to and the flat side of the vessel must rest on the centre berth.
    • If the LOA of a single vessel is more than 140m then only one vessel shall be berthed alongside. The intention of this restriction is to accommodate those larger vessels that require a central berthing position to safely conduct their port operation.
  5. The Harbour Master may be consulted and will have the final decision on berthing position in the case of dispute.

This Notice shall remain in force until further notice.

Captain C Locke,

Harbour Master,

Falkland Islands Government.

Issued on 23/11/2018

LNtM 03/2018
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