The Falkland Islands Defence Force Values

The Defence Force is a professional and disciplined team, with a tradition of service to the Falkland Islands it has strong public support. Its job can be difficult and demanding; so in order to do it, the Force needs all of us to have high standards of behaviour all the time.

Being a soldier is not easy. You are asked to do things not asked of other people. You have to be aggressive and strong, yet behave properly and show self-control all the time.

You have to fit in and be part of a team.

You have to trust your teammates and they have to be able to trust you.

To do all of this, the Force has 4 Values that it requires you to live by.


Continually strive to do better in everything through training.  Develop your people to be the best they can.  Be clear on what you need to do the job.  Forge your team into an energetic, learning and cohesive force that will prevail in any circumstance.


Be honest.  Mistakes are human, but take responsibility for them.  Create an environment where mistakes can be learnt from.  Never compromise integrity.


 Resist the easy option.  Accept the responsibility that you always represent FIDF on and off duty.  If you wear rank or aspire to do so, take charge and inspire others.  Rank is a privilege.  Serve others before yourself.


 Respect the rights, diversity and contribution of others.  FIDF is an inclusive – not exclusive – club.  Keep it a club that others want to join and welcome them to do so.  Never take yourself too seriously.