Welcome to the Falkland Islands Defence Force

The Falkland Islands Defence Force (FIDF) is the locally maintained volunteer defence unit in the Falkland Islands. The FIDF works alongside the military units supplied by the United Kingdom to ensure the defence & security of the islands

The force is manned by Reservists from the local community, supported by a small permanent cadre.  Training is undertaken weekly and members of the Force have the opportunity to attend relevant UK Military Courses in the United Kingdom.

There is one recruitment cycle per year. Recruitment is open to men and women that are ordinarily resident in the Falkland Islands, who hold a British or Commonwealth passport and meet the selection criteria.

The FIDF is fully funded by the Falkland Islands Government. The Governor of the Falkland Islands is Commander in Chief and MLA Ian Hansen has portfolio responsibility for the Defence Force.

For up to date news on the Force and its activities visit us on Facebook: Falkland Islands Defence Force Facebook Page