Falkland Islands Government Aviation Service

Check In & Boarding Information

Check In Times

Passengers should be aware of minimum check-in times as departures cannot be delayed for those passengers who arrive late. Check-in at Stanley Airport is 30 minutes before departure time.


Passengers travelling on Capped Resident Fare are allowed to carry free of charge 14 kilograms of baggage.  Passengers travelling on Standard Fare are
allowed to carry free of charge 20 kilograms of baggage.  A charge of £1.55 per kilo will be made for any excess.


Passengers are required to pay for their flights prior to departure.  Exception can only be made for those passengers in Camp who have difficulty in forwarding payment prior to travel. FIGAS accept most credit cards.

Changes/Cancellation/No Show

Passenger bookings changed or cancelled after 10.00am on the day prior to departure will incur a penalty fee of £28.00 per adult passenger.  No Show passengers will incur a penalty of £28.00 per adult passengers.