Public Safety & Island Security

Approved Drivers Scheme

An Approved Driver is an individual who is employed as a driver either on a seasonal, part-time, full-time basis. The Approved Driver may escort Non-ZUB pass holders who have a valid ticket for air travel and an in-date passport into MPC and directly to the terminal enclave. All Approved Drivers are required to also hold a Contractor ZUB pass. The purpose of the Approved Driver Scheme is to address British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI) concerns in respect of control of access to MPC by civilian air passengers. Approved Driver application forms are available here.

Aviation and Airport Security

Aviation security for civilian flights in the Falkland Islands is overseen by Air Safety Support International and operates to international standards to safeguard civil aviation against unlawful interference. A combination of procedures are applied to help protect passengers, staff, aircraft, and airport property from accidental harm or threats such as crime, terrorism, sabotage, hoax or other malicious acts.

Falkland Security Services Ltd are contracted by the Falkland Islands Government as the aviation security providers.

Emergency Planning

Resilience and Emergency Planning sits in the Directorate of Emergency Services and Island Security in the Falkland Islands Government.

The subject matter expert is the Emergency Planning Manager and they have responsibility for

  • Helping to assess the risks facing people who live in the Falkland Islands
  • Writing and maintaining the government’s Major Incident Plan. The MIP is a general plan that covers many different types of emergencies
  • Developing plans for specific emergencies e.g. responding to infectious diseases or helping lots of people who are injured
  • Helping other government departments write their own Continuity Plans
  • Providing training for people who have a role during a major incident
  • Writing exercises to test how everyone comes together during a response and
  • Supporting senior decision makers during emergencies

Maritime Authority

Established by law in October 2018, the primary purpose of the Falkland Islands Maritme Authority is the safety of seafarers & the protection of the maritime environment within the waters of the Falkland Islands.

The Maritime Authority sits within the Directorate of Natural Resources and has the responsibility to prevent the loss of life on the coast and at sea, produce legislation and guidance on maritime matters within the waters of the Falkland Islands. We are responsible for:

  • the safety of everybody in a vessel in FI waters
  • the safety of all seafarers on FI flagged vessels
  • making sure all equipment on FI vessels is fit for purpose
  • making sure all seafarers on FI vessels have correct documentation
  • the environmental safety of FI coast and waters
  • the accuracy of hydrographic data on charts
  • overseeing maritime search & rescue and Maritime Safety Information.
  • legislation & guidance