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Tourist Board Launches UK Marketing Campaign

The Falkland Islands Tourist Board (FITB) has launched an innovative marketing campaign in the UK to help protect the Islands from the impact of the economic recession.  The campaign aims to promote the Falklands as a land-based and expedition cruise destination to a highly targeted segment of the UK market.  The tourist board has worked closely with the editorial team at the Guardian to create a microsite, which is displayed as an offshoot to the Guardian’s own website at  The microsite contains an image gallery of the Falkland Islands, as well as information about what to do and see, links to other relevant websites, plus a competition to win a holiday to the Falklands.  “The beauty of this approach is that it allows us to communicate a lot more than a print advert would,” said Jake Downing, General Manager of FITB.  “It’s a very sensible strategy, given the lack of knowledge and understanding about the Falklands as a tourist destination. It also suits the preferences of Guardian readers, who are very likely to research holiday ideas online.”