Press Releases.


In the early hours of Saturday 15th February 2014, Royal Falkland Islands Police received notification via the Department of Fisheries Ops Section that three crewmen were missing from a Taiwanese jigger operating in Falklands waters.

The missing crewmen had last been seen aboard at 16:30 Friday 14th February, at a time when the vessel was approximately 18 miles from the Reporting Line.[1] At 19:00 their absence was noticed, and a search of the vessel was undertaken. When no sign of the crewmen was found during the search, the vessel attempted to retrace its route in search of them.

At 08:00 on Saturday 15th February, the jigger arrived in Stanley harbour, where Royal Falkland Islands Police interviewed the crew, before clearing the vessel for departure that evening.

The vessel has since returned to a location 14 miles from the north-east coast of East Falkland, where it seems most likely that the crewmen left the vessel. The vessel will remain in this location for 72 hours.

Attempts to notify the next-of-kin of missing crewmen are underway, and until such time as this has been completed, no details regarding the vessel or the missing crewmen will be released to the media.

MLA Phyl Rendell, portfolio-holder for the Department of Fisheries, has expressed her regret at “the sad loss of life in our waters” and extended “heart-felt sympathy” to the families and friends of the missing men.

A representative from Pioneer Seafoods, vessel agents for the jigger, spoke today, “Our sincere condolences are with the family and loved ones of the missing crewmen.”

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[1] The Reporting Line for Port William is established as being from Mengeary Point to Cape Pembroke