Press Releases.

The Honourable Emma Edwards MLA attends Westminster Seminar 2011

From 6 “ 12 March The Honourable Emma Edwards will attend the 60th Westminster Seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure. This is hosted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch.

First held in 1952, the seminar is an intensive period of study for newly elected MPs and early-career clerks from across the Commonwealth.

Following this, from 14-16 March 2011 CPA UK will hold the first of its Westminster Series, an intensive workshop on the Committee System.  MLA Edwards will also attend this event.

Westminster Seminar

The event involves up to 65 delegates, and explores  the idea of the Westminster-model parliament, its history, variations across the world, current methods of working, practical challenges and potential improvements.

Through discussions with UK Members, senior Westminster officials, and amongst participants, the Westminster Seminar aims to expose its delegates to a wide-range of ideas and practice, and to enable all who take part to work more effectively in their own legislatures upon returning home.

The Westminster Seminar is one of CPA UK™s most popular annual events, and we hope these refinements to the event™s format will make it more appealing and accessible to those wishing to participate.

The Westminster Series: The Committee System

From 14-16 March, the intensive Committee System Workshop will enable parliamentarians to strengthen their expertise in areas specific to their interests.

Ideal for government ministers, committee chairs, and committee members and clerks, the workshop will include interactive sessions with Westminster committee experts and will provide the opportunity to view committees in action.

Topics will include: public bills, select committees, conducting an effective enquiry, and modernisation and reform.